December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Having a wonderful quite Christmas day at home. Enjoyed cooking with my daughter and giving my family a simple yet delicious meal.
Guinness Glaze Ham
Garlic Cream Cheese Potatoes
Peppered Corn
Fresh Dinner Rolls
Layered Jello Salad in Champagne Glass
Pecan Pie with Whip Cream
 Christmas table setting by my daughter...simple but sweet and the jello in the champagne glass added a pop of color.

 can not keeping sparking apple cider in my house 2 bottles downed

 ham cooked with Guinness Beer and was so good..
 made the best tasting gravy

 fresh cranberries made by my girl

fresh homemade right out of the oven dinner rolls
simple but oh so good
My youngest boy's favorite..pecan pie
My family

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Day!

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